Download Avast Free Antivirus 7 Final Version

Download Avast Free Antivirus 7 Final VersionAvast Free Antivirus 7 released for the first time in February 8, 2012. After the beta version released two week ago, nowAvast 7 free final version has available for public download.There are few improved features in this released. The Avast free Antivirus 7 come with new interface and now with cloud based service. This Avast version equipped with more new features. A few features such as Avast management portal, remote assistant, customizable installation and more.
In this release, AVAST Software a.s. also improved most features that found in old version. Besides Avast 7 available for Windows, this Avast software version also available for Mac. But when this post uploaded, the Mac version is in beta. Check my previous post for more info about Avast for Mac.
Avast 7 free Antivirus
New Features in Avast 7 Free Version
  • With Cloud service features, Avast 7 provides real-time virus database updates. With this features, your avast will be continuously updated with latest virus definitions.
  • File reputation system that let you know a file is safe before you open or copy it.
  • AVAST Management Portal, the personal directory for all your avast! related data.
  • Remote Assistance, it let you to get help from any geek.
  • Customizable installation
Interested to install Avast 7 free antivirus in your computer, you can download avast  from the official website. Avast 7 compatible with Windows 8 and it also requires low computer resources.
Get free genuine Avast License Key after download the avast 7 antivirus to activate it.

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